Alistair Bimore

A hero, Noble Ruler and Powerful wizard


Little is known of Alistair before he came to the throne aside from the fact that he spent much of his early life researching the method for creating Empyrean Spheres.
He is human though, as is common with powerful mages, his age is slowed by the magic he wields making it hard to guess his true age.
Once he showed up his courage, power and compassion are well documented.
For one of so much power both politically and magically he is gently spoken and a fatherly figure when spoken with.
He has not married and given that he constantly puts himself at the front line to helping his armies against the undead there is concern for his linage should he be slain. This also results in a lot of political manoeuvring of other lords should he ever fall.

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Alistair Bimore

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