Throsila Caskriver

A deep thinker, but decisive when it is needed


In her youth Throsila (Throw-Silla) found her love for architecture and the design of grand cities, which like all dwarves, hinged on practicality over beauty. Working in capital she helped design many great expansions and was in the city when the creatures of the under dark attacked. She hypothesised that given the creatures constantly living in the dark they may have a weakness to light after proving this she formed a small band and plans to flood much of the city with sunlight. It was Throsila that ultimately saved the city and quickly organised for details to be sent to other cities should they also be attacked.

Throsila then began plans almost immediately on how to reinforce the mine entrances to the city. With the previous steward dead Throsila was elected unanimously as the new steward and she is determined to ensure that none of her cities ever fall to a similar attack.

Throsila Caskriver

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