Miston Dynasty

The Miston Dynasty is the name sake of the Miston family, perhaps the oldest, or at least most famous elven family in Alira. The elven empire values blood and birthrights above all else this is one of the reasons that the Miston family has ruled the elven people for so long.

The current emperor of the Miston Dynasy is Ascal who has much to prove after his father Vander squandered a large portion of the Dynasties army and ultimately lost his life on a crusade into the orc lands which came to be know as Vander’s Folly. As such Ascal airs on the side of caution and only deploys his armies when absolutely required.


Previous to the rise of the Bimore Empire the elves produced the vast quantity of magic artifacts given their long lives they had many skilled craters who had perfected the art. The creation of Empyrean Spheres whoever changed the power balance as the human empire could now produce artifacts of similar, and in some cases, greater quality and power to the elves and in considerably shorter times. While perhaps unjustified the elves view Empyrean artifacts as inferior to their own works and look down on individuals using these items.

Population and Culture

The elves enjoy open city layouts and as such most cities in the Miston dominion are un walled and spralling. However given the constant threat of raids from orcs some cities on the outskirts have been forced to adopt walled cities and a strong military presence.

The elvish people are welcoming as a whole though this is more for trade purposes and non elves that live within the empire can never truely expect to be accepted as the elves believe themselves far above other races. It should be noted that given their long and bloody history with the orcs, Half Orcs and other ‘Bestial’ (dragon born, Goliath’s etc) races are viewed with contempt and will only be interacted with if absolutely necessary.

Miston Dynasty

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