Bimore Empire

The Bimore empire is the newest of the three ‘Civilised Empires’ in Alira it is a rapidly growing power already enviable of the other two great nations due in large part to the ability to create Empyrean Spheres (Arcane Generators) which allow for the production of Empyrean magic items. As such nearly all of Bimores army is equipped with magic items and the citizens of the realm enjoy access to magic items in there day to day life that could only have been dreamed of before.

The Bimore empire is ruled by Alistair Bimore, the creator of Empyrean Spheres and hero of the people.


Bimore is built from the remnants of the sovereign realm of Chagard, which fell to the undead hordes. When the capital of Chargard fell all was assumed lost for the people of this realm, however it was in this dark time that Alistair appeared and banded the people together and with his magic and the power of the people behind him they were able to halt the advance of the undead legions. With the advance of the undead halted a new capital was set up and with the aid of Empyrean relics a fortress city was built with a massive Empyrean Sphere at its centre.
With his people safe Alistair began the task of preparing to retake the lands that had been lost but also making the life of his people easier through the ready availability of magic items.

News of these great deeds quickly spread through the land and people flocked to these lands to join the empire given the promises of saftey and comfort or power and adventure depending on how people were so inclined.

Population and Culture

While Bimore is a predominately human settlement and is currently at war with the undead legions there are many people who call this realm home from all of the races that live in Alira.

The community by and large is very welcoming of outsiders and are more than willing to share Empyrean artifacts with allies and adventures of have proved there desire to help the empire. Though the secretes for actually making Empyrean spheres is still only known by the king, and one would imagine those close to him.


Currently there are two cities which have large spheres embedded into their structure with a third city under construction. The empire is also expanding through treaties and alliance with former towns and forts that survived the fall of Chagard

Bimore Empire

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