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Alira (Al-er-ia) is a land made up of three island with the larger of the three housing most of the continents varied population. The main island of Alira is split into three, mostly friendly, realms; the ancient and noble Miston Dynasty of the elves, the mighty dwarven Kingdom of Oulder and newly arisen human Bimore Empire. While these kingdoms are predominantly occupied by Elves, Dwarves and humans respectively there are plenty of races living in each with the Bimore empire being perhaps the most diverse.


Though these kingdoms are at peace with each other there is always pressure on them from outside forces, with ferocious orc settlements to the north of the main island, hordes of undead abominations to the north-west and merciless under-dark creatures. These enemies mean that these empires are almost constantly on the attack or defence, which is perhaps one of the main reason there is no open waring between the empires.

In addition to these enemies there are also creatures older than even the elves who wander, and fly, these lands and who swear allegiance to no kings, monarchs or war generals.

Notable Wars:

The Season of Fire
The Blight of Alzreg
The Folly of Vander
The Fall of Chagard
The Birth of Bimore
The Seige of Mil Gurihm

Main Page

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